This is a placeholder for the full SOSENS (& API) Documentation. You may find parts of it relevant to the web demo below:

SOSENS Generic SSN Value

A no-frills, generic observationValue class in order to get you started with expressing (Social) Sensor data in a Semantic Web environment. Supports observations with quantity or quality values and is based on the smart-knife example, as presented in the SSN-XG Documentation and the Position paper by Sabou et al (2009): Realizing Smart Products: Challenges for Semantic Web Technologies

The classes included are defined as follows:

  • sosens:QuantityObservationValue with the following OWL restrictions:
    • sosens:hasQuantityUnitOfMeasurement exactly 1
    • sosens:hasQuantityValue exactly 1
  • sosens:QualityObservationValue with the following OWL restrictions:
    • sosens:hasQualityValue exactly 1

An example:

ssn:sensorOutput [ ssn:hasValue [ sosens:hasQuantityUnitOfMeasurement :Celsius ;
                                          sosens:hasQuantityValue "50.0"^^xsd:float ]]

ssn:sensorOutput [ ssn:hasValue [ sosens:hasQualityValue "Warm"^^xsd:string ]]